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Every entrepreneur, companies and corporations regularly ask these fundamental questions.

  • Where can I find funds? Who will supply them and on what terms?
  • What projects are open to me? How much profit can I make on these investments?

Whether they have new business ideas or new product ideas, all face the same challenges

First find a promising project, then find someone to finance it.

Once a number of project financing offers have been solicited, the next step is to choose which modes of financing are most suitable for which projects. Once projects are completed, the necessary financial data has to be tabulated and presented in a clear and efficient way to share holders, potential investors and bankers alike.

In the global financial industry, we are witnessing a ‘back to basics’ movement, while regulation shifts towards stringency. In banking, risk-taking and proprietary trading will be reduced, while core activities anchored on providing services to consumers and the economy will regain its importance.

In these challenging financial times companies will desire for advice regarding financial programs of all types.

With our expertise in the area of financial structure, strategic planning and management we guide our clients to improve their financial ability and efficiency with corporate tax planning, cash flow planning for growth, cost benefit analysis on completed projects, costing, cost cutting and saving. We also help them in setting up of regional finance headquarters with recruitment and training of their Finance managers and team.

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