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Mobility & Transport Systems

The advent of the steam engine brought about the locomotive trains and the ships that traversed the countries and seas without dependencies on beasts or wind for movements of people and goods. Then came the fuel driven engines and the discovery of flight – bring about the sophistication and complexity of travel from short daily trips to long haul journeys spanning the globe.

Many companies are involved in the study of the movement of people and goods - and why not; it affects the efficiency of industries and countries – it has immense impacts on the GDP of nations and the productivity of different groups of people. From the smallest operations of car parks to the management of fleets of vehicles, ships and aircrafts, the quest to optimise operations and maximise profits is supreme – for governments to little commercial entities.

Pyramid consulting advice clients dealing with Mobility, Transport and Signalling systems on engineering design, procurement, solution and implementation, after sales service and maintenance based on their requirement.

We assist our clients from designing and procuring basic push button systems to transport communication solutions to increase their efficiency and reduce operational hassles.

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