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Markets are loci of trade, individuals or groups exchanging anything, anywhere, anytime, to satisfy needs and or wants. Marketing must ascertain customer needs by interacting with customers to find out what they really want and are willing to pay for, then taking what they've learned into their company's operations and finding ways to meet those needs. Marketing also includes managing relationships all along the supply chain.

Pyramid's marketing practice focuses on the following areas of expertise:


  • Sales Representation
    • Strategy
    • Tactical
  • Sales Team Management
  • Sales Channel Development
    • Direct Customer Channels
    • Indirect Channel via Distributors

Marketing Communications

  • Corporate Communications
    • Brand Development & Corporate Identity
    • Event Management
    • Public Affairs and Public Relations
  • Agency (Advertising/Media) Management
  • Product and Service move to market strategy
  • Online and Social Media Strategy
  • Localization of International Product/Services to South East Asian

Consumer Research

  • Feasibility studies
  • Market size evaluation

Market Segmentation

  • Product and service road maps
  • Pricing and Promotional strategies

Globalization affects marketing directly, time and place no longer dictate marketplace boundaries. Companies can find customers and competitors anywhere. Customers can compare prices and shop anytime anywhere. Companies with prudent marketing strategies must stay abreast of technology updates that equip the supply web with stronger links, and enable greater, smoother, more transparent transactions. If a company cannot maintain strong ties, customers simply connect with another company that can.

Technology impacts promotional activities beyond one-way mass advertising to one-on-one communications between customers and suppliers. Companies can no longer blast messages and expect consumers to passively absorb the messages and purchase their products. Consumers now demand the right to talk back thus becoming part of the ongoing market cycle. Marketing should take advantage of technology by talking with customers rather than at them, and not only develop products their clients need but also foster loyalty among current customers and shape brand reputation among consumers at large.

At Pyramid the marketing consultancy team brings over 20 years of experience in IT, E-commerce, Media, Consumer marketing, Sponsorship marketing, Festival development and Travel and tourism.

We help our clients to over come their marketing challenges with result and performance driven strategies developed with individual execution plans that are put in place with local or adhoc teams.


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